3 Reasons Why You Need Shalom

Trust us when we say this – relocation is a big event in your life. Whether you’re moving house or relocating overseas, moving away from your sweet spot to a new location can be a stressful event. This is especially so when you have a lot of items that you have accumulated throughout your life journey that you’re not ready to part with yet.

Perhaps a new concept to you, engaging a professional mover in Singapore like Shalom can help you ease the stress. Professional movers are experts in the field and experienced in moving items fuss-free for you. They are here to help you have a seamless transfer to your new life, so you can focus on getting what’s important sorted out – getting school transfers done, changing mailing address, informing your friends and families, etc.

If you’re still not convinced here are the top 5 reasons why you need professional movers in Singapore like Shalom:

1. Safe

Did you know that professional movers are skilled and trained to handle moving heavy furniture and electronics? Moving companies regularly send their staff to attend safety and health training so they can move your items safely. Right postures are important when it comes to lifting heavy items and you do not want to risk hurting your spine.

Certified and Experienced movers can help you move your items safely and the safety of your belongings are guaranteed.

2. Save Money

You may have your reservations on this at first. However, when you consider purchasing the tools for moving the items and renting a truck plus an extravaganza feast for your friends who helped you moved, maybe you’ll reconsider.

A professional moving company like Shalom in Singapore will provide the necessary manpower, tools, and vehicles to help you move your belongings safely to your new location.

3. Professional

Professional movers are more efficient and faster in moving your items to a new location as opposed to getting help from your friends or family members, who can be new and inexperienced. Professional movers go into more specific details, such as planning, wrapping, lifting, unloading and rearranging, all without the need for you to worry about anything.

Bonus: Free Quotation

Did we mention the freebies? A professional moving company like Shalom provides a free estimate for you so you can have the knowledge of an upfront cost without the hidden fees. Usually, this is done through a site inspection from a professional mover. The professional mover will be able to give you an all-in cost and a time estimate so you can plan your moving journey ahead.


Moving to a new location is a stressful event in your life, but you can reduce the amount of moving stress by engaging professional movers in Singapore. With a professional moving company, you’ll get a team of highly trained and experienced professionals to help you move safely and in a timely manner.

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