Proper disposal of furniture in Singapore

Getting rid of old furniture can be a nightmare for everyone, especially when you are in the mood to clean or when you are moving house.

Bulky furniture disposal is one of the hardest things to do as there are so many things you must prepare for before the actual furniture disposal day.

If you are looking to get rid of bulky furniture or other bulky items that tend to clutter an area, we have some tips for you.

1) Contact your home town council or management office

For individuals who live in HDB public housing, your town council may actually offer free disposal for up to three bulky items per month, depending on each building’s house rules.

If you are unsure of the rules for disposal services, you can find that notice board at your HDB void deck, and look for the hierarchy chart of estate staff serving your block.

There will be a cleaning supervisor’s mobile number listed for you to call and arrange a moving date.

They will require details of old furniture and unwanted items you are looking to get rid of.

Examples of items to dispose of may include:

  • old sofa
  • tables and chairs
  • washing machines
  • bed frame
  • refrigerator
  • cupboards
  • bedside tables and etc

The list of unwanted items is crucial as the estate cleaning team needs to know how many people to bring to ensure there is enough storage space and secure disposal is done.

If you can’t get through the phone, chances are they are working.

You can drop them a simple SMS to let them know your unit, time, date, and object you are looking to get rid of.

If your item requires dismantling, most of the estate cleaners will do it for you if you offer a separate fee.

Remember, it is important to confirm the whole process beforehand, and being kind to them will help you in your spring cleaning or moving greatly.

For private housing estates, you need to check with the management for their furniture disposal policies, and their approved and preferred waste disposal service.

Otherwise, you can check out NEA’s approved list of public waste collectors.

2) Contact a disposal company

Hiring an efficient disposal company can help you with your junk removal and waste responsibly.

There are plenty of furniture disposal services available.

You can look ask for quotations beforehand and negotiate for the best price and disposal services.

They may even be able to help you get all the necessary approvals required for bulky furniture disposal.

Engaging one is pretty convenient as you can just pop over to any of the websites, send them a WhatsApp picture of your item and location, and get a quotation.

Some may offer last-minute furniture disposal services as well.

3) Sell it to a furniture restorer

Selling unwanted furniture is a great way to earn extra money and upcycle your old furniture.

You can choose a company that specializes in upholstering old furniture and refurbishing used furniture so they can be used again.

If you have plenty of old Chinese-style and classic furniture and homeware, like wardrobes, sideboards, chairs, tables vases, and crockery that are in fairly good condition, there are stores that would be interested in these traditional items.

You can start by taking a photograph of the items to assess them before you arrange for collection and receive pay for your offerings.

These stores often prefer to buy in bulk, so this is a perfect service if you’re moving house or upgrading your dining room.

4) Sell to a secondhand store

Secondhand stores are often jam-packed with curious vintage chairs, consoles, and tables that you will spend hours examining and pouring over.

Some even function as furniture restorers as well to give old furniture a new lease of life.

However, most secondhand stores will only take in items with vintage value.

This includes items such as faded armchairs, coffee tables, study desks and timber cabinets which can be easily cleaned, mended, or given a new coat of paint or upholstery.

They will pay for your items, as long as the old furniture is still in good condition.

5) Sell to Cash Converters

If you’ve never heard of cash converters before, they sell an assortment of items, including bulky electrical goods as well.

But before you drag your old home theatre systems to the malls, you can request a free cash converters housecall request form to sell bulky home appliances such as desktop computers and music equipment.

To request a Cash Converters house call, all you need to do is to visit their website and fill up a housecall request form.

However, if they visit you but you end up backing out and changing your mind, Cash Converters will charge you a $50 transport fee.

Do call them before to check the range of items they accept and do not accept.

6) Donate your unwanted furniture

There are so many places you can donate your unwanted furniture in Singapore.

Some places include:

  • Pass It OnStarted by the Central Singapore Community Development Council and managed by the welfare organization The Helping Hand, they focus on matching items that people want to donate to the wish lists of the needy.
  • New2U Thrift Shop – run by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO), they accept clothes, books, toys, bags, and utensils.
  • SG Freecyclethis is a Facebook page that you can post on and if there are requests for your item, it’s a done deal.

7) Sell them online

Selling your old furniture online for a reasonable price is a great way to get rid of large furniture, bulky items, and even unwanted retro furniture.

There are so many places you can sell your unwanted furniture and they include:

  • Carousell – this is one of the easiest to use when listing and selling unused items, as it allows you to converse freely with a potential buyer
  • Gumtree – this is similar to Carousell but it has a much older interface
  • Facebook page – Simply snap a photo of your item, list the price and details, and upload it onto the platform for others to view and enquire. Here, you can take almost anything off your hands: electronics, large furniture like wardrobes and tables, toys and games, and even pet supplies. 

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