Shalom’s Guide to Moving Heavy Furniture

Do you have a piece of heavy furniture that needs to be moved? Are you moving soon and dreading the thought of having to move all your furniture by yourself? Are you afraid of breaking your back trying to do it yourself? Moving heavy furniture can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. In this blog post, we will provide you with a guide to moving and lifting heavy furniture without injuring yourself or damaging your belongings. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to move even the heaviest pieces of furniture with ease!

#1: Plan ahead on how to move heavy furniture and make a list of everything you need to move the furniture

Planning ahead is key when it comes to moving heavy furniture. By making a list of everything you need beforehand, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle on the day of the move. Make sure to include all the necessary items on your list, such as moving blankets, plastic container covers, lifting straps, and a four-wheeled square platform. With these items, you’ll be able to move even the heaviest pieces of furniture with ease!

#2: Get help from professional movers, friends or family – it’ll be much easier with more people

Heavy lifting and carrying furniture by yourself can be dangerous and is not recommended. If possible, try to enlist the help of professional movers from Movers Singapore companies, or friends and family members who are strong and experienced in lifting heavy objects. This will make the task of moving heavy furniture much easier and safer for everyone involved.

#3: Try to disassemble the furniture before moving it

If you’re moving furniture that is bulky and heavy like bed frames, for example, try to take them apart before carrying them downstairs. This will make the process much easier and safer. Be sure to wrap the furniture in blankets or plastic covers or something padded to avoid any scratches or damage.

#4: Use proper moving equipment, like furniture sliders, furniture dolly and moving straps to make the process easier

If you’re moving heavy furniture by yourself, it’s important to use the right equipment. If the piece of furniture is too heavy to lift, place furniture sliders underneath it and slide it across the floor. This is a good option for very large or heavy pieces of furniture. In addition, furniture sliders will help you move heavy furniture across carpeted surfaces with ease. Next, a furniture dolly is a must for moving heavy dressers, couches, and other large pieces of furniture.

And lifting straps will take the strain off your back when lifting and carrying heavy furniture down stairs or around corners. If you have stairs in your home, special equipment are essential for getting furniture down them safely. You can purchase lifting straps or use ones that come with a moving dolly. These will help you to keep a firm grip on the furniture as you carry it down the stairs. When you reach your destination, be careful not to damage wooden floors by dragging heavy furniture across them. Instead, try using a four wheeled square platform to roll the furniture into place.

#5: Take your time and be careful when lifting and carrying the furniture

Take your time, and be careful when carrying furniture, as this can be a tricky and dangerous task. If possible, try to lift heavy furniture down backward so that you can see where you are going and avoid any accidents. If possible, when carrying furniture down the stairs, the person at the top of the stairs carries the furniture from the top surface, while the person at the bottom carries the furniture from the bottom surface. In addition, try to have another other person guide the moving process.

#6: Label each box or item with what room it belongs in so you can put everything back together quickly

It’s important to label each box or item with what room it belongs in so you can put everything back together quickly and efficiently when you arrive at your new home. This will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run! This is especially important if you have a lot of furniture to move.

#7: Lift with your legs, not your back

Lifting heavy furniture is a two-person job. When lifting, always use your legs to lift and never try to lift with your back. This could result in serious injury if not done properly. Squat down and use your leg muscles to lift. With two or more people lifting, you’ll be able to move even the heaviest pieces of furniture with ease! Additionally, get a good grip. Make sure you have a firm hold on the piece of furniture before you try to lift it. Otherwise, it could slip out of your hands and fall on you.

#8: If possible, remove doors from cabinets and dressers before moving them

If you’re moving heavy furniture, one of the most important steps is always to clear a path. Make sure there are no obstacles in your way, and that you have a clear route to the exit. It will make the move easier, and you won’t have to worry about damaging door frames or getting doors stuck.Once you’ve done that, it’s time to start lifting.

#9: Take breaks often and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

When you’re moving heavy furniture, it’s important to take breaks often and stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the process to keep your energy up. And if you start to feel lightheaded or dizzy, take a break immediately. Safety is always the priority when moving furniture.

In a nutshell

We hope you found this guide helpful! If you’re planning on moving heavy furniture in Singapore, it’s always best to hire professional movers. They have the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done quickly and safely. However, if you decide to move the furniture yourself, following these tips will help to make the process as smooth as possible. For more information on moving houses, check out Our Ultimate Guide to moving houses in Singapore.

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